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Gas Tools
Gas fastening is the primary technology used for most concrete and steel fastening needs including drywall track to steel, drywall track to concrete and metal lath attachment. No licensing is required.

ITW Ramset is the industry standard and tool of choice for gas fastening technology.

Grabber offers best-in-class gas fastening tools and pins including the ITW Ramset T3MAG and TF1200 TrakFast. T3MAG is an advanced powerful tool that will consistently shoot where many other tools will fail. The .125 diameter pin is specifically engineered to work in the toughest concrete and steel where many other pins cannot perform. TF1200 has been an industry leading tool of choice for interior framing contractors since 1991. Its advanced design is still preferred today.

Click on the link below for ITW Ramset product training. Training material includes videos, PowerPoint slide shows, and online training links.

ITW CCNA Product Training